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Nothing spells doom for a business like structural and foundational issues. When the foundation is disrupted, everything above it is at risk—from the building itself to your assets within it. If your commercial structure is showing foundation issues, there’s no time to waste in calling a foundation company in Livingston, TX.

Integrity House Leveling LLC specializes in residential foundation repair, however our expert services also apply to commercial structures. From recognizing concrete slab defects to helping you correct shifting, sinking and other issues, we’re here to get your building back on a stable foundation.

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Cracked Concrete Slab Repair

Cracks in your concrete slab are easy to spot. Before they get any bigger than they already are, give us a call. We’ll get to work repairing the crack and getting to the source of the problem, so we can properly stabilize your foundation against further movement. From pressure grouting for stabilization to crack filling repairs, we make it our mission to restore your slab.


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Slab Shifting

Have a slab that’s sinking or shifting, causing instability or infrastructure issues above? Call us for leveling services and let us help you restore the stability to a sinking, shifting or rising slab. We measure with precision and always ensure proper shimming with the right materials, for lasting results.


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Pier and Beam Services

For pier and beam foundation repair in Livingston, TX, we’re the experts. Our experience extends to all types of damages and general foundation issues, ensuring you’re getting steadfast repairs from an experienced service provider. We can re-level, replace rotted beams, re-stabilize joists and more, renewing the integrity and quality of your foundation.


Keep Your Business on Solid Ground

Unchecked slab and foundation issues will result in lasting headaches for your business and much larger costs in the future. The moment you notice slab issues or foundation problems, contact Integrity House Leveling LLC today at 936-933-7242.
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