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There’s nothing more important to the long-term stability of your home than the foundation it sits atop. If your foundation is subject to shifting, sinking, cracking, rotted joists and beams, or any other problems, it demands professional-grade solutions.

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Integrity House Leveling LLC is a leader among house leveling companies in Livingston, TX. We bring solutions to your home’s foundation, restoring its integrity and stabilizing it for decades to come. Using state-of-the-art technology and years of experience, we’re the only call you need to make.

Our experience extends to a broad range of foundation fixes, including:

Mobile Home Leveling


We bring your home to a perfect level and use hardy concrete, cedar and metal shims placed in between pier and beam to stabilize it at the proper level. Then, footings are poured as a precaution to ensure structural integrity and prevent further sinking or shifting.

Home Leveling

Replacing beams:

Rotten beams and floor joists need to be replaced immediately. Our home structural repair contractors in Livingston, TX pinpoint the source of rot and get to work repairing and replacing damaged beams, supporting your foundation with pressed pilings and other solutions.

Mobile Home Leveling

Mobile home:

We have the ability to establish mobile home foundations that are stable and sturdy, ready for long-term support. For existing bases that have damaged joists and beams, call us to replace and repair them.

Common Foundation Issues

How do you know if you need foundation services?

Short of seeing visible rotting in your joists or shifting in the foundation itself, here are a few of the most common signs your foundation is in trouble:

Rotten Floor Joist
  • Dips in floor: Dips in your floor may signal sinking segments of your foundation or areas where rot has compromised wood beams.
  • Door sticking: Doors sticking in your home are a sign that the area is settling. Your home may need leveling to correct this.
  • Unlevel ground: Unlevel ground isn’t always easy to feel, but if you feel like there’s a slight angle in your room or a rolling slope, the foundation needs inspection.

If you’re facing a foundation that’s in dire need of stabilization, support, bracing or replacement, our scope of abilities ensures we’re able to provide results.


Restore the Integrity of Your Home

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